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In addition to our high-quality design and pagination services, Circle Graphics offers a full complement of Production Management and Editorial Services. From start to finish, we can help you at every step along the way to preparing your manuscript for publication.

We can serve as your Project Manager, coordinating with authors, editors, artists, paginators, indexers, and printers to make your job easier. All of our Project Managers have publication and editorial backgrounds, giving them the expertise needed to create an achievable schedule for your project. You can be confident that industry professionals will complete every task with efficiency and accuracy. Your Project Manager will be in constant communication with you, while also staying in contact with all involved parties.

These individual Editorial Services can also be provided à la carte, as needed:


Circle Graphics' talented editorial staff has expertise in all manner of print and electronic materials, including medical books, scientific journals, monographs, technical and instructor's manuals, conference proceedings, reference books, study guides, newsletters, magazines, directories, annual reports, and more.

You may submit manuscript in any format from plain hard copy to coded Word files and we will take care of the details. Some clients prefer to code their manuscript with simple tags such as <H1>, <TX>, <NL>, etc. Clients with repetitive books or journals may prefer to use Word Style Sheets such as <Heading1>, <ParagraphText>, <NumberedList>, etc., and other clients simply make written notations on the hard copy.

We will accept whichever method you prefer and with which you are comfortable, and can convert your supplied electronic files or keyboard your material from scratch. If you prefer, we can supply a Word template, complete with the appropriate Style Sheets, and instructions for their use.


Our proofreaders use multiple methods to proofread typeset galleys or pages:

  • With the traditional method, one person reads the client-supplied manuscript against the typeset pages or galleys and marks any discrepancies using industry-standard proofreading marks. The proofs are returned to the paginators for corrections and then rechecked.
  • In an alternate method, two proofreaders read the same material and both initial the proof. The proofs are returned to the paginators for corrections and then rechecked. This method is theoretically more accurate but costs more.
  • If the client has already proofread the supplied manuscript, our experienced proofreaders can accurately scan the typeset pages for errors without reading the manuscript word-for-word.

Circle Graphics uses an in-house Style Guide to supplement guides supplied by our clients or if there is no client-supplied style. This is basically a checklist to ensure consistency throughout a publication and includes items such as number of lines required above or below a heading, number of hyphens permitted at line endings, and other common-sense information to ensure a quality publication.


We don’t do indexing ourselves, but we work with several indexing companies that provide fast and reliable turnaround.


While we are NOT printers, we do have partners that can help facilitate the printing of your final product.

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