Print Publishing

Whatever your print-publication needs, we have experts at Circle Graphics to help bring your project to fruition. We can develop your small or large project, using your supplied templates or creating a fresh design for you—anything from a logo, business card, brochure, brief, newsletter, annual report, journal, magazine, or an entire book and its cover.

Our staff is subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud and uses Adobe InDesign as our main pagination software, in conjunction with Illustrator and Photoshop for creation of artwork. Additionally, we have many older versions of both InDesign (from version CS1) and QuarkXpress (from version 3.2) from which we can convert and modernize your project.

Once your project is finalized and published, Circle Graphics can also provide you with conversions to various file formats including:

• Word Files


• eBook (see Digital Publishing & Conversions)

Need a manuscript re-keyed from an original hardcopy or PDF document? We can do that, too!

Our services include:

Layout and Design

• Book Covers

• Journals, Books, and Magazines

• Reports and Briefs

• Brochures

• Business Cards and Stationery

• Advertisements

• and More!

Art Creation

• Figures

• Icons

• Logos

• Illustrations

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