Circle Graphics, Inc.

Circle Graphics, Inc. occupies a 2,200 sq. ft. office space in suburban Columbia, MD, roughly halfway between Baltimore and Washington, DC. We are bordered by Routes 29, 108, 100, and I-95, and are easily accessible from all directions. The company has been in business continuously since 1974, initially in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, then in Harmans, MD, and since 1990, at our current location. The staff of 10 is efficient, hardworking, and dedicated, and all are knowledgeable in more than one area of expertise.

Our office equipment includes 15 of the latest Intel Macintosh and PC workstations, 2 file servers, 5 color and monochrome printers, 4 high-resolution scanners, 3 high-speed color and monochrome scanners/copiers, uninterruptible power supplies for each server and/or workstation, plus ancillary equipment. All computers are networked using high-speed Ethernet and gigabit switches.

We believe in redundancy of personnel and equipment and do our best to manage vacations and days off so that schedule disruptions are minimized. We perform automatic backups 3 times daily with one additional end-of-day backup, which is done manually. One daily backup is always kept off the premises and is rotated weekly. Finished jobs are archived to DAT tape and DVD and/or removable drives with one copy being kept on the premises and another copy stored offsite. All archived material is stored indefinitely.

Circle Graphics Philippines

Circle Graphics Philippines occupies a 1,500 sq. ft. office space on the 17th floor of a modern office building in Makati, the central business district of metro Manila. We have occupied office space at this location since the year 2000 and currently employ 25 resourceful, energetic, dependable, and multi-talented problem-solvers.

Our staff is composed of experienced paginators, proofreaders, quality control specialists, artists, coding experts, and a professional office manager and IT person.

Our office equipment includes 15 late-model Intel Macintosh and PC workstations, 2 file servers, 3 color and monochrome printers, 3 high-resolution scanners, uninterruptible power supplies and/or voltage regulators for all servers and workstations, plus all of the ancillary equipment that a modern office requires. All computers are networked using high-speed Ethernet and gigabit switches and our office building, like many in Manila, boasts its own generator in case of extended power outages. We also perform automatic backups thrice daily, while one backup travels with the office manager and another resides offsite.